As a result, he took potshots at people during his testimony before Congress.

However, Comey is so self-absorbed, he didn’t even realize how he wrecked his own reputation in the process.

After his cavalier admission that he had leaked memos so as to trigger a special investigation, former intelligence community officials are raking him over the coals.

A former CIA agent explains just how egregious and galling Comey’s actions were.

From LifeZette:

Former CIA ops agent Bryan Dean Wright said fired FBI Director James Comey “violated his oath” by orchestrating the leak of memos detailing his personal communications with President Donald Trump, during an interview Monday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

Wright, a registered Democrat, noted Comey did not follow protocol when he asked a friend to leak his memos to The New York Times.

“As a former agency officer, you can talk to anybody who has worked for the FBI or other entities like NSA — you are taught there is a very clear process by which you are supposed to follow if you have concerns,” Wright said. “And my God — we had James Comey, a director of the FBI who leads one of the most pre-eminent organizations in this country, with lots of informants that do this secret bidding, and he decided to leak notes to The New York Times.”


“You go to the inspectors general’s office. And if that doesn’t work, you go to different departments within the FBI or the CIA. If that’s still concerning, you go to the oversight committees in Congress,” Wright said. “And if that still doesn’t work, then you go to another member of Congress — yours or another — and say, ‘I have this information. I’m concerned.’ And then the member — an elected person — makes that decision about what to do next.”

“You are not supposed to leak. That is absolutely something that is not only a violation of rules — it’s certainly a violation of your secrecy agreements — but fundamentally it is a violation against the oath that you take to protect and conserve the American people,” Wright added. “It is not your information. It is the government’s information. And if you leak it, you jeopardize people like your informants who are doing God’s work out there trying to make sure that we are kept safe from a whole bunch of different threats around the world. That’s how it’s supposed to work. It’s not working that way.”

In Comey’s mind, he’s the hero. The last bastion of honesty in the beltway. This delusion prevented him from understanding how awful the leak was.

Wright continues:

“I think you start to have problems when you get to that senior level. And I’ve been saying this for months, and … Comey came out and acknowledged that he was leaking to The New York Times, it proved that to be true,” Wright said, noting that other former Obama intelligence officials such as Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan have engaged in behavior that “suggests that they are doing some kind of hanky[-panky] business.”

“That’s the concern that I think most of us ought to have, because who at the end of the day gets to decide who are political winners and losers? It should be the voters, right? It should not be these unnamed individuals within various government entities,” Wright said of the media’s anonymous sources. “And that’s my great concern, particularly as an agency officer who know full well that a lot of these sources are just no good at all.”

“If you’re starting to politicize our intelligence community and our law enforcement communities, and we’re telling each other effectively, ‘Hey, leak! It’s fine. Your political team wins. It’s fine,’ it’s horrifically wrong and scary,” Wright added.

Wright’s comments jibe with the theory that the Deep State, both Democratic loyalists and establishment people, are intent on delegitimizing Donald Trump’s presidency.

It’s hard to deny it when considering the sheer volume of leaks since Trump was inaugurated.

Further, Wright said:

“Whenever I see things come out of The New York Times or The Washington Post these days — and quite frankly any media outlet — and they use anonymous sources, I immediately have this reaction of, ‘I just don’t believe it,’” Wright said.

“…I think we need to wait until we get this FBI report, probably by the fall, and then we’ll make decisions as a country about where we want to go from there. And in the meantime, why can’t we get back to the business of governing? That’s what we ought to do.”

The leaks have given rise to more instances of “fake news.”

Trusted names like the New York Times, the Washington Post, and CNN have published outlandish stories later proven to be false (Comey testified the Times story that sparked the collusion narrative was bogus), but the retractions, or lack thereof, get virtually no attention; the intended damage has already been done.

The article continues:

Wright said the focus should be on the slew of domestic issues as well as international dilemmas facing the nation.

“China has stolen well over a trillion dollars of our innovation and are now doing incredible things in terms of their economy. That needs to be tackled,” Wright said, pointing to reports over the weekend indicating that China has made startling advances in weaponizing space technology.

“It’s incredibly frightening, and, by the way, it’s a Communist nation that has absolutely no commitment to the values that we hold dear in this country,” Wright said. “And ultimately there is a very Reagan-esque sort of argument to be made against sort of good versus evil. And I hate to put it in those stark terms, but at the end of the day, who’s going to lead this country? Who’s going to lead the world into peace and prosperity? Is it going to be Russia and Communists? I don’t think so.”

The Russia investigation is one giant distraction built on supposition and partisan warfare–and it was fueled by the former FBI Director who’d found nothing when he was leading the probe.

People are slowly growing tired of the hysteria. Soon they will become numb to the sensationalized mainstream media stories supported by anonymous leakers…like James Comey