An Open Letter from
President Marie Hope Davis

Welcome to the updated online home for the Palm Beach Republican Club (PBRC), one of the largest and oldest Clubs in the country.

Read about upcoming events, purchases tickets and RSVP. At your fingertips you will enjoy current events, videos and written articles, unique features such as the Ambassador’s Corner and Did-You-Know, all in one comprehensive site.

The Palm Beach Republican Club is an educational club. We sponsor events hosting nationally recognized and influential speakers. We also sponsor the largest Victory Headquarters for Palm Beach County each election cycle. Our Club membership comprises citizens, residents of surrounding areas, snowbirds, community leaders and party activists.

We encourage involvement from our community, our Club committee memberships are open to non-board members to offer their expertise and/or volunteer for specific tasks or events, without the time commitment required for board participation.

Another form of participation that is rewarding and makes a difference is to volunteer at Victory Headquarters. In a Presidential Election the “eyes of the nation” will always be focused on Florida and Palm Beach County: as Florida’s 29 electoral votes (winner take all) make it the 3rd most important state in the country.

Contributions are needed to finance and staff the successful office out of which candidates, federal, state and local may operate their campaigns.

In the 2014 mid-term elections grassroots efforts from our community were extraordinary! Republican voter turnout in Palm Beach County was 56.2% of registered Republicans, about 4% more than Democrats. Our goal is to surpass that 4% margin in upcoming elections,inclusive of victory for a complete Republican ticket.

Our office is a "hub" for election activity, including training sessions for election attorneys,  poll watchers , and volunteers.


Marie H. Davis

President, Palm Beach Republican Club