Dear members of the Palm Beach Republican Club,

I believe, as does the great Yale historian Akhil Amar, “That the older I get the more I owe!”

Thank you for your vote of confidence in me, by electing me President on January 12 at our annual meeting.  I am honored and fired up to try, together with you all, to make this the most important Republican Club in America. 

I’m hoping our members will be inspired to work hard and do more than we ever have before, to help our Republican Party and candidates, on every level, legally allowed.

Please encourage your friends, family and newcomers to Florida, to register to vote.  And, send me your suggestions for anything you would like to see implemented at our Club.

I will constantly be looking for electrifying speakers.  Feel free to give me ideas.  I believe we are off to a good start in 2023 and appreciate the valuable help I will get from all of you.

Many years ago, I was elected President of the Club the same year George W. Bush was elected President.  One of our best board members ever, and a man I admired enormously, Lawrence de George, always had my back.  He not only advised me, but he championed the best in all of us.  He inspired me then, and also now, to work hard for our Club, our Grand Ole Party, and our great Republic.


The Honorable Gay Hart Gaines