Why Are Pro-Hamas Rallies So Anti-Semitic, So Anti-American and So Obnoxious?

May 12, 2024

Special Edition

Why Are Pro-Hamas Rallies So Anti-Semitic, So Anti-American and So Obnoxious?

By: Victor Davis Hanson

Part One – May 7, 2024

Our Guests

After seven months of pro-Hamas chaos, a good question arises over what exactly the anti-Semitic demonstrators won’t do?

· Crash Easter services at St. Patrick’s Cathedral?

· Interrupt Christmas celebrations?

· Deface the White House wall?

· Deface the Lincoln Memorial?

· Deface veterans’ cemeteries?

· Shut down commuter traffic on freeways?

· Block cars on key bridges such as the Golden Gate or in downtown Manhattan?

· Stop Jews from entering college buildings like the Hitler youth thugs who used to hold hands to block the entrance of Jews to the University of Vienna?

· Chase Jews and trap them in a college library?

· Call for endless repetitions of the October mass killing and rape of Israelis?

· Shout “Death to America” and hit and spit at police?

In truth, in the last seven months, there has been a steady escalation of such mindlessness, and we should expect more until the November election, as the spring and summer of 2024 looks like a replay of 2020. (One wonders then whether Kamala Harris will replay her role four years earlier of cheering on the street thugs when in 2020 she boasted: “I’m telling you. They’re not gonna stop, and everyone beware, because they’re not gonna stop. They’re not gonna stop before Election Day in November, and they’re not gonna stop after Election Day”?)

Why are so many thousands of students, at our most pricey campuses, so anti-Semitic, nihilist, and ignorant?

We have suffered a perfect storm of events that explains both the street thuggery and the campus insanity:

Given our current open border and the 10 million who have crossed since Biden was inaugurated, we are now well beyond prior records of non-native-born American residents, reaching well over 15% of the population, and in actual numbers over 50 million.

Unfortunately, this record number of new permanent residents, naturalized citizens, green card and student visa holders, and illegal aliens often arrived from illiberal or corrupt regimes (e.g., Venezuela, Central America, the Middle East, China, the Caribbean, etc.). They entered without audit and at a time when the government and administrative state had abandoned the once successful melting pot of radical assimilation and integration.

In its place, America now encourages hyphenation, the “salad bowl,” and overt tribalism, on the theory that the millions fleeing their miserable homelands are arriving to an even more miserable new home, and thus have legitimate grievances against us, their new hosts (Translated that means they come as intended fodder for the Left, to warp census counts, to empower hard-to-authenticate massive mail-voting, and to grow the welfare state and its operators. Thus, rapid and government-assisted assimilation is not on the agenda.)

In the case of the universities, there are now nearly one million foreign students enrolled, many of them at expensive, elite campuses, which see them as cash cows paying the full, jacked-up, and inflated cost of tuition, room, and board.

Perhaps a third arrive from China. And a quarter-million are now from the Middle East, the vast majority on state-funded scholarships, often fed by oil revenues, and nearly all from illiberal regimes that neither hold scheduled elections, allow dissent and free speech, nor guarantee women equality under the law.

The result is Orwellian.

Foreign guests so often treat American magnanimity as softness to be exploited rather than reciprocated with mannered behavior. That is, the thousands who demonstrate on behalf of the terrorist killers of Hamas or shout “Death to America” would never be allowed to show such venom to their host/native countries back home.

Odder still, they seem to romanticize or glorify the very Middle Eastern nations that they apparently fled from and to which they have no desire to return. For if America were really as toxic as their chants and placards attest, then of course they would have scrammed home after October 7, to rally the cause in efforts to destroy the “Zionist entity.”

Instead, they hate us, their very hosts who offer them an education and freedoms never dreamed of in Iraq, Syria, Gaza, the West Bank, Egypt, the Gulf monarchies, etc.

How strange that foreign women seem to dominate demonstrations aimed at the United States and Israel, again in a way unfathomable back in the Middle East. Do they ask why they are so prominent in the hated U.S., but so reclusive in the beloved Middle East? Is the subtext, “I loved being discriminated at home, and hate being liberated in the U.S.—and thus I won’t go home under any circumstances”?


A. Deport any non-American who has:

1) entered and resides here illegally;

2) violates U.S. law;

3) is on a student or faculty visa and suspended from a U.S. campus;

4) forbid the deported a return to the U.S. for 10 years;

5) restore the prior Trump travel ban on illiberal regimes (e.g., North Korea, Iran, “Palestine,” Sudan, Somalia, etc.).

B. Reduce illegal immigration to zero, and cut back legal immigration to 250,000 per year, and only from countries that are constitutional and follow the rule of law.

If the next administration enacted those simple measures, two things would quickly follow:

1) howls of outrage, lawsuits, and tears as in “why won’t you let me stay and express my hatred toward you?”; and

2) all the demonstrations would soon end since even spoiled American citizen students would have no pet “authentic” pro-Hamas agitators in their midst to virtue signal and performance art their radical fides.

Part Two – May 8, 2024


The epidemic of Diversity/Equity/Inclusion ideology fuels much of the current violence on campus and in the street, and for two reasons.

One, we are now in our third year of reparatory admissions. That is, the SAT/ACT required admission exams have been absent on elite campuses for two or even three years. Racial quotas have severely curtailed the presence of so-called “white” and Jewish students. High-school GPAs are not comparatively ranked.

And the result is that tens of thousands of students are now present on campus, whom the universities just three years ago would have determined were not yet prepared to take and pass their curricula. (If not so, why then did the universities once upon a time have general GPA/SAT standards for admission in the first place?) To accommodate these new cohorts, many of whom the universities themselves prior to 2020 would have classified as “unqualified,” grades were inflated, course work water-downed, and new gut classes introduced.

At Yale, 80 percent of the undergraduate student body now receives As in their coursework. Why study for finals when you can shout banalities and be ensured an A? Such grade inflation in varying percentages is true at Stanford, Harvard, Princeton, etc. In general, it is likely now far harder to earn a B at Hillsdale College in an English literature class than an A at Yale or Harvard—or more difficult for most to pass an introductory coding or electrical engineering class at Georgia Tech than at Stanford.

Accordingly, lots of students can take ample time off from studying because studying is not really so needed to pass classes and to graduate. Gone are the days when students hit the books for 10 hours per day to satisfy rigorous science, math, and liberal arts classes in the general education curriculum. Note, then, how unworried the pro-Hamas demonstrators are that they are not studying for finals.

But DEI is more insidious still since its Marxist trademark is to divide the U.S. arbitrarily into oppressor/victimizer vs. oppressed/victimized. The bifurcation is not based on historical collective or individual suffering, much less on class or income criteria. Instead, superficial appearances or flimsy claims of being in part nonwhite qualify.

Once one is a DEI member, then immunity follows if charged with anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, or homophobia, on the theory that victims cannot be victimizers. And then the even creepier ensues, as DEI students root on Hamas, likely one of the most sexist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic cadres in existence. Add in the reality that there are fewer Jewish students on campus, and lots more from the Middle East, and thus for the cowardly and sheepish student (the majority), they make the necessary finger-in-the-wind demographic adjustments and join the radical majority.

Crazier still, rich kids, for the most part, pampered, spoiled, and entitled, who qualified as DEI, prance on campus as victims. The result is cartoonish. Isra, the daughter of Rep. Ilhan Omar, now whines that she is without food and shelter, after being expelled from Columbia for violations of campus statutes.

The children of bicoastal professionals who can claim some DNA distance from whitehood, but without a history of any discrimination and beneficiaries of long privilege from their parents’ generous incomes, believe they are exempt from any consequences. Thus, when expelled or arrested, they cry, whine, and yell in the “I can’t believe this is happening to me” style.

Finally, note the masks. Every racist, nihilist, or violent street organization resorts to masks from the Klan to Antifa. Masks hide identity and empower lawlessness on the assurance authorities cannot identify perpetrators. But more importantly, they fuel the cowardly to shout and do things that they would not if easily identified by their peers. From the old Klan days, it was a truism that a racist town’s most cowardly on the daytime street might become the most nocturnally venomous if masked. So too with the pro-Hamas thugs.


ü Enforce the Supreme Court’s ruling outlawing racial discrimination.

ü Reinstate the SAT for admission.

ü End DEI programs and bureaucracies on the rationale they are racist, exclusionary, and pointless.

ü Stop racially segregated dorms, safe spaces, and graduations.

ü Reinstate mandatory civic education into the general education curricula.

ü Make foreign nationals ineligible for U.S. student loans.

Part Three – May 10, 2024

A third component of the street and campus madness is the destruction of all deterrence abroad and at home by the Biden administration. The Middle East has concluded that the U.S. is in escalating decline. Biden is seen as decrepit and terrified of losing power and thus will do anything to prevent:

(1) Middle-East tensions that will disrupt oil supplies and spike gas prices before the midterms (he had already been emptying the strategic petroleum reserve on the eve of the 2022 midterms);

(2) defections from the relatively small but Electoral-College-important states with pockets of Arab/Muslim voters.

So, Iran’s surrogates with relative impunity have attacked American installations and personnel on over 170 occasions, given Afghanistan, the Chinese Balloon caper, Ukraine, and Biden’s pressure on our once staunch Israeli ally. The world sees Biden’s “Don’t!” as laughable. And, of course, it is risible, given neither Putin, nor Israel, nor Iran paid any attention to his garbled prohibitions. And that weakness resonates at home as well.

For protesters, they rightly feel their host is weak and desperate to appease Middle Easterners and their radical causes. They interpret Biden’s laxity as a green light for their own anti-Semitism and violence.

For a President Biden who claimed (falsely) that he ran for president in 2020 to stop another 2017 Charlottesville (demagoguing serially that fiasco and completely editing out Trump’s actual comments:)

“You also had some very fine people on both sides. You had people in that group that were there to protest the taking down, of to them, a very, very important statue and the renaming of a park from Robert E. Lee to another name. You had people — and I’m not talking about the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists; they should be condemned totally — you had many people in that group other than neo-Nazis and white nationalists.”

Biden can utter even a milk-toasty condemnation of virulent anti-Semitism, without “both sides” references to supposed attacks on pro-Palestinians—as if thousands of Jews are screaming “Death to Palestinians,” chasing Arabs into libraries, shutting down campuses, and spitting at police.

At home, post-George Floyd, there is a general sense in the big city that there are no consequences for crime. Outlawry is now a construct, an invention of wealthy white people to exploit the poor and nonwhite with invented crimes. The new rationale is that it is illegal to steal Nikes only because the privileged white hierarchy has no need to steal them, and so constructed laws against those who need to.

Or so critical legal theory goes.

Under a new no-bail system, the criminal, violent though he may be, expects to be out the same day as he is arrested. If he is even arrested. But even before the full onslaught of the George Soros prosecutors, most of the 14,000 arrested during the mayhem of the 2020 riots were excused and never tried. Quite differently from the less violent January 6 protesters (whose buffoonish “riot” did not last for 35 days and injure 1,500 police officers).

The message sent since October 7 to the pro-Hamas crowd is that it was highly unlikely they would be arrested if they violated either university or criminal codes. And if rarely arrested, they would be released quickly. And if quickly let go, they would likely never stand trial.

So, the anti-Semitism will continue, and so will the vandalism, the hate screaming, the assaults, the attacks on police—at least until one brave mayor, one principled college president, one maverick district attorney, concludes that he is for “civilization” and against its enemies, and so at the eleventh hour enforces the laws.

Once that happens other pro-Hamas sheep will follow suit and for a variety of reasons. Most of the protesters are cowardly careerists as we saw with the daughter of Rep. Omar, who no sooner was suspended than she went to her social media to weep about the unfairness of it all and the supposed maelstrom of meanness that now confronts her, despite her nepotistic leverage, her DEI credentials, her class privileges, and her elite university affiliation.

Finally, if Trump were to win in November, watch out for the ensuing four months as the Left will go berserk in the short time remaining to them before January 20.

Add up the massive immigrant population that sees the host as indifferent to assimilation and civics, the DEI conglomerate that assures students that admission is identical to graduation and they can be toxically anti-Semitic without consequences, and, finally, there is no deterrence, no fear of either the United States abroad or the laws at home.

Thus, given that perfect storm, the hate will continue until November.

If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government,then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.