The Origins of the Biden Disaster.

The Origins of the Biden Disaster.

By: Victor Davis Hanson

Part One – September 22, 2023

In a much-heralded Washington Post column, David Ignatius recently called for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris not to run again.

But to justify such a Draconian call, he first reviewed their tenures and concluded of Joe, “In sum, he has been a successful and effective president.” Consider the logic: the more successful a president is, the quicker he must get out of office.

If Ignatius believed that assessment, he would not be calling for Joe to step aside. While Joe has deteriorated a great deal cognitively since his January 2021 debut, even before his inauguration he was unfit physically and mentally for the job—a fact of course known to liberals like Ignatius and others.

So the subtext of this new ridiculous argument that a successful Joe must suddenly depart is essentially the following:

In 2020, Joe Biden was health-wise unfit to become president. The Left backed him, however, by persuading virtually the entire field of 2020 primary candidates to step aside—given his competitors, many of whom had polled well ahead of Joe and won primaries, were deemed either too socialist (Sanders), too shrill and off-putting (Warren), too sanctimonious and insufferable (Buttigieg), too nutty (Spartacus-Booker), and too boring, condescending, and effusively rich (Bloomberg) to ever get elected.

A previously inert Joe was then coronated as the only hope left by the leftwing donor class. And in lockstep, the Democratic minority base was then persuaded (quid-pro-quo-ed) to back the heretofore losing Biden.

Suddenly Joe won the primary in South Carolina. Or as a giddy NPR said of his late February 2020 South Carolina victory:

The 77-year-old former vice president has now notched an expected yet much-needed victory in the South Carolina primary, according to The Associated Press’s projection. Just days ago, the press and the pundits had declared his candidacy dead. (emphasis added) “Now, thanks to all of you—the heart of the Democratic Party—we just won and we’ve won big because of you, and we are very much alive,” an energized Biden said at an event with supporters in Columbia, S.C.

Super Tuesday wipeouts followed as the field had parted for Joe. A soon-to-be-nominated by acclamation Joe was deemed fit enough to run a 19th-century surrogate campaign from his basement, as he stayed under the pretext of COVID-19. All the prior primary jabs that Biden was a racist, a sexist assaulter, and a near-senile ossified figure were dropped.

The Left took it from there (as outlined later in Molly Ball’s 2021 Time essay). The lawyers had by late summer already changed the voting laws to ensure in key states that 60-70 percent or so of the electorate would not vote on Election Day, even as the rejection rate of mail-in and early ballots was to plunge.

The rioters on the streets were modulating their violence on directions from the DNC—or so Molly Ball later wrote in a Time triumphalist essay.

The deep state did its part by hiring out Twitter and Facebook to suppress unwelcome news. An utterly corrupt FBI suppressed the Hunter Biden bombshell laptop.

Mark Zuckerberg readied his $419 million to warp the conduct of the voting in key precincts.

On the eve of the first debate, the even more corrupt retired “51 intelligence authorities” of the discredited deep state swore that Hunter’s laptop was likely (cf. the weaselly “all the hallmarks of”) “Russian disinformation.”

Note that our present Secretary of State Antony Blinken apparently cooked up that ruse by calling former interim CIA head Mike Morell to round up the usual flunkies and toadies, eager for some sort of perch in the Biden deep state. The dozens who complied proved it was an easy round-up, given the supply of corrupt distinguished “authorities” ready to ruin their reputations to promote an abject lie was larger even than the demand.

In the ensuing debate, Trump pounced on the bombshell laptop and its explicit reference to the “big guy” and the “ten percent” rake-off that went to Joe on deals, as Hunter whined to his daughter in texts that he had had to fork over half his illicit winnings to his dad Joe. No matter: the supposedly vampirish Trump was held at bay, as Biden held out his crucifix studded with FBI and CIA saints.

The media did its part by ensuring the country that Trump was vilified daily as a Putin puppet despite the implosion of the “Russian inclusion” yarn and the first impeachment psychodrama, cooked up by the now widely discredited Alexander Vindman and Eric Ciaramella.

The media and corporate boardroom also spread the disinformation that Trump was not to be credited for a role in getting the vaccinations before the election. (Pfizer’s planned pre-election announcement of an imminent two-shot vaccination rollout was delayed on spec, until after the election to ensure Trump was not credited with Operation Warp Speed). And we were off to the Biden races.