Bring on a new year- Ted Malloch


Theodore Roosevelt Malloch

I think that this last year was arguably one of the worst in recent history.

It was an annus horribilis in so many ways they are hard to count. With an economy faltering, elections turning out other than planned, and a series of scandals, censorship, FBI wrongdoings, not to mention the continuation of the Wuhan deadly viral disease, no one should be sad to see December 31st fast approaching.

If you are the type that makes lists, doubtless you have your own number of downfalls, scary turns or failures to post. It seems year after year we see more and more of the same and they intensify and multiply, only making a bad situation, worse. It is almost enough to make one into a continual pessimist or even a cynic.

The conservative cup is more than half empty, I would sadly have to posit. We need a refill.

So, here goes my list of 2022’s Biggest Disappointments, in descending order:

10. Phillies
My hometown favorite team gave us a run for the money and got further along than most national pastime observers thought remotely possible. They just squeaked into the playoffs but went on the roust the Padres and hammer the Braves. In the World Series, they beat the cheating Astros, twice but in the end could not carry the day. As so often before, the City of Brotherly Love failed to win when it counts. The issue here is that our favorite teams bring us so close, excite us so much, get us to near elation—and then the balloon bursts. Conclusion: Sports Teams Disappoint.

9. Mid-term Elections
With the pundits to a person, even the nasty Democrats become Socialists, predicting a biblically proportioned Red Wave, it was a huge disappointment on the evening of the first Tuesday in November when it simply failed to materialize; and then again in the Georgia runoff. There wasn’t much of a ripple truth be known. The Republicans struggled just to eek out the ouster of the Speaker and lost the Senate. Fingers pointed every which way and the long knives were out but the fact remains even with all the suppression of voting, fraud, and rigging, the Republicans are down and left to fight with each other, Trump included. Conclusion: Politicians Disappoint.

8. Elon Twit
With Elon the white knight purchasing the social media giant Twitter, it finally appeared that the US would have a First Amendment, again. He would ride in to save the day and undo the evil actions of the past. Things would get better—immediately. And what did we discover? The proverbial shithouse was far worse than anyone expected. There was a scandalous entanglement between the Deep State (FBI- CIA) and the media, big tech included, to make sure Trump was not reelected in 2020 and the Hunter laptop never saw the light of day. The facts were there for all to see and even still the mainstream media failed to cover it or frankly admit they are in the pocket of Leftist Progressivism. In truth, many of us have come to find that the present system is so rotten to the very core it can’t be fixed or reformed. The last two elections should just be nullified. We need to start all over. Conclusion: Media Disappoints.

A Ponzi scheme bigger than even the giant Madoff scam was unearthed involving a boy con-man, his Stanford Law School professor parents, a grifter hedgie girlfriend, and the whole Democrat Party, who he bought off with up to a billion dollars in donations. It was enough to keep him out of jail, living in luxury in the Bahamas, and to see the Democrats win with the stolen (loot recycled through the Ukraine, nonetheless) elections. Putting crypto on the ropes, SBF (his now infamous initials) took the money of a million investors and it was all gone in a – puff! Conclusion: Ponzi’s Disappoint.

6. Economics
The dull science was made even duller this year. Assets of every type were way down in value. Don’t even look at your 401K or IRA statement. Interest rates shot higher and higher. No one can afford a mortgage. Inflation soared to a forty year record. Gas and food prices made living too costly for the average Joe. Many had to choose between gas or food. Financial losses were compounding and the President made things worse, printed yet more money, and denied the facts. We are all much poorer as our standard of living gets decimated. Conclusion: Economics Disappoints.

5. Adolph Ye
What is up with our sick culture? On one side, we have the cancel bunch of woke racists and BLM-CRT ideologues who want to close down anything they disagree with. And on the other side, we have rap artists who have gone mad, praising Hitler and loving Nazis. If culture is a reflection of where we are as a society, God help us. The notion that we could discover or appreciate the good, the true, and the beautiful, has surely departed us. What we are left with is empty souls, degrading us in a complete desacralization of what used to be called Christendom, aka Western Civilization. Conclusion: Culture Disappoints.

4. The Pelosi’s
The emperor has no clothes, according to the Danish playwright, Hans Christian Anderson. In this case our American royalty have too been exposed. Queen of Botox, Nancy was fired from her job after disappointing citizens for decades. Her arrogance, fake zealotry, and San Fransicko values were always a farce. But this year her poor Prince of a husband, Pauli, was likewise exposed. He got a DUI in Napa wine country while his “friend” in the front seat of the fast, expensive Porsche ran away. Then in an early morning scuffle, the same octogenarian had a hammer put to his head in uncertain circumstances in his own swank mansion bedroom by a man he “knew”, a homeless, illegal immigrant, with weird views, habits, and sexual preferences. Conclusion: Elites Disappoint.

3. Hunter & The Big Guy
The Biden crime syndicate is perhaps the biggest scandal in US presidential history and yet it goes nearly unnoticed and unprosecuted. Having fleeced the country in an unprecedented influence peddling scheme, the Biden’s have shaken down the Russians, Chinese, Ukrainians, Mexicans, Romanians, and Jesus only knows who else, in a multi-million dollar pay-to-play game where the crack cocaine, hooker addicted, son of the President is the wing man, collecting money to benefit his a-stute but senile father. As the “Big Guy,” Joe cashes in his ten percent, and the whole family over the decades has gotten incredibly rich. It is called corruption on the grandest scale. Conclusion: Biden’s Disappoint.

2. Ronna & Mitt
There is a view in some Republican circles that only the Dems are up to no good. The RINOs as a part of the uniparty—the oligarchy that runs America — is equally at fault. Trump tried to expose and weed them out but the McConnell’s, Ryan’s, and Romney’s all strike back. They don’t want any changes to their gravy train and they rather like things pretty much just the way they are. With niece Ronna running the RNC, and Pierre Delecto incognito, screwing up the Senate, what could go wrong? Conclusion: RINO’s Disappoint.

1. Lord Fauci
Faucism is without question, at the root of most all evil. The patron saint of Wuhan, Lord Fauci, of AIDs fame, and now instigator and enforcer of lockdowns, masking, and useless experimental vaccines, Fauci has probably done more than any human being in history to lead to the harm and deaths of innocent people. His gain of function research gave us Chinese Covid and his dictatorial “public health” scientism shows the tyrant for what he is, a Mengele for our times. This highest paid, hubris filled bureaucrat, who received millions of dollars in royalties from drug companies, was lionized as a hero, when in fact he was an arch villain. Conclusion: Science Disappoints.

Ring in 2023—it can’t get much worse or disappoint more. When we sing Auld Lang Syne this year we will mean it. Is it too much to ask that the future have a few slight glimmers of hope?

Can more America-loving, security conscious old-line liberal Democrats resign and become Independents, like the Arizona maverick Senator?

Urging it, I realize it may not necessarily be their choice to join the GOP, but to merely dissociate from their corrupt, unpatriotic and unprincipled party in order to vote for freedom. Joe Manchin should also make the move and be followed by a handful of others.

This would allow America a chance to see the Democrat Party “outed” for what they are– Leftist abettors of a corrupt, power-crazed and globalist cabal. And, on our side is it too much to ask that Republicans put up a fight, do what they say, and start loving everything good about America, again?

Bring on a new year…